El Portillo Javalí Nuevo Restaurant

A meat restaurant located at the beginning of the Murcia orchard: On one hand, cows and oxen from Galician villages arrive weekly at our facilities, and we pay tribute by making the most of every gram of meat and bones they offer us.

On the other hand, the surrounding environment, from which we cannot detach ourselves, demands respect for the territory, its customs, and seasonal products. That’s why we include in our menu dishes featuring seasonal vegetables and a part of the revised traditional recipes from our town.

Under this perspective, we create our tasting menu to bring to the table what we believe in and to try to let you know us a little better, always keeping in mind that we are here to enjoy.

TASTING MENU January 2024


Aged skirt steak carpaccio with Osetra caviar.

(fish, soy)

Steak tartare, crispy brick pastry, and pickled piparra.

(mustard, gluten)

cold meaT

Grilled pear tomato, stracciatella, pickled powder, and Angus Kurado.

(soy, dairy, sulfites)

Artisanal chorizo and sobrasada from old cow 2023, with baked focaccia.


garden to brasa

The artichoke of the rice and beans.
Grilled leek carbonara with Sarrión truffle.


from Morocco

Grilled eggplant, cheese, tomato tartare, capers, cilantro, and harissa.

(soy, dairy)

Beef shank tajine with prunes and homemade Arabic bread.

(nuts, sesame)

The Meat

Grilled country-style beef chop over charcoal.


Ripe mango, citrus pickling, yogurt ice cream, and mint.


Homemade Murcian sweet pastry with angel hair filling and coffee.


The menu will be served at a full table.
Drinks NOT included
70€ per person.